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Our Clients

Yogi Times
Yogi Times

Vision Magazine
Vision Magazine

Vegetarian Starter Kit
Vegetarian Starter Kit

Conscious Life
Conscious Life

Parenting Magazine
Parenting Magazine
Magazine Distribution History

The beginnings of Carlos Garcia and the magazine business goes back to 1979 when he first started delivering the Recycler Classifieds. Then he got into free magazines distributing the L.A. Weekly. In these first years he noticed a demand for organization within this business.

After he started distributing the Los Angeles Reader (90,000 copies every Thursday) he did many things to improve positioning of the copies and the timing of the deliveries. He noticed many more copies moving out of most locations. After weeks of this he kept having great results with The Reader. Now the big problem came from all these other poorly distributed papers and magazines that were messy and some would be placed on top of our papers or they were delivered at night and were still in bundles. He contacted many of the publihers and he got more work than he ever imagined. Word started getting around that there was a distributor who never missed any deliveries and the work just started coming in from all sides.

After many years of distribution and many years of his personal activism, he's become focused on the health, yoga, environment, animal rights, human rights, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transexual rights. This has let him combine his business with his activism.

Now, many years of experience later, we have this web site to further continue giving free publications the attention they deserve and to continue changing the image of free papers from being called throw-aways to really becoming an important element in our communities. We've also developed several of our own offices and a strong network of distributors across the country, Japan and Europe.

Our Magazine Distribution Locations

Circus of Books, Silverlake, CA, free & paid magazine distribution
Circus of Books
Silverlake, CA

Bodhi Tree, Hollywood, CA, free & paid magazine distribution
Bodhi Tree
Hollywood, CA

Follow Your Heart, Canoga Park, CA, free & paid magazine distribution
Follow Your Heart
Canoga Park, CA

KPFK Radio, Hollywood, CA, free & paid magazine distribution
Video Market
Silverlake, CA

KPFK Radio, Hollywood, CA, free & paid magazine distribution
Broadway Video
Long Beach, CA

KPFK Radio, Hollywood, CA, free & paid magazine distribution
KPFK Radio
Hollywood, CA

KPFK Radio, Hollywood, CA, free & paid magazine distribution
VP Discount Foods
Los Angeles, CA
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